House Clearance: What happens to items that are cleared?

The Green Clearance Company takes it’s name from our commitment to green values. With every house clearance we undertake, our environmental responsibilities are one of the most important factors in how we manage items. We are committed to reducing the amount of furniture and items that go to landfill in Cornwall.

How to prepare for your house clearance in Cornwall

Should you get a house clearance in Cornwall? We help you decide whether you could clear it yourself or enlist the services of a house clearance company such as ourselves. Clearing a house can be really stressful for the homeowner and their family. Whether a house has been lived in for six months or sixty […]

How we are providing Clearances in Cornwall during the Coronavirus outbreak

We understand that considering a house clearance during the Coronavirus pandemic can be daunting. Please keep reading to see how we are staying safe whilst providing quotes and clearances.

Recycling waste from House Clearances in Cornwall

Have you ever wondered how we recycle waste from House Clearances in Cornwall? It’s important to use a licensed clearance company, so you can be sure that your waste will be disposed of safely, responsibly and ethically. Who we choose to work with to dispose of waste is very important.