Should you get a house clearance in Cornwall? We help you decide whether you could clear it yourself or enlist the services of a house clearance company such as ourselves. Clearing a house can be really stressful for the homeowner and their family. Whether a house has been lived in for six months or sixty years, deciding on home goods and furniture to clear can be exhausting, and that’s before you’ve started the physical work.

What is a House Clearance in Cornwall?

House clearances are different to rubbish removal. Typically, a house clearance is clearing the whole property of furniture and household items to ensure each room is empty. Clearance services are frequently used by people moving home or downsizing, landlords preparing for a new tenant and bereaved families preparing to sell a home or hand it back to a landlord. We also carry out lots of partial house clearances especially for families that are downsizing – children have flown the nest and less space is needed. These can range from just a few items of furniture to several rooms worth of furniture and home goods.

What does a house clearance company like The Green Clearance Company do?

House clearances companies can do a little, or a lot! You may wish to have a simple rubbish removal from a shed, garage or garden, or a full house clearance where all cupboards need to be emptied. There will be differences between each Clearance company and the service they provide – write a list of things you wish to accomplish by the end of the clearance and discuss them with each company.

Research your clearance company

Insurance and Licencing. Genuine house clearance businesses will be fully insured and hold a Waste Carriers Licence. This enables them to legally carry controlled waste which will be discarded either by disposal or recycling. You are able to check the status of a waster carrier licence with the Environment Agency. Often on social media you will find people offering to remove rubbish at unusually cheap rates – ensure that they are licenced before agreeing to a clearance. It has been widely reported that many of these clearances end up being illegally dumped which is an environmental crime. Homeowners can be fined up £400 or prosecuted if waste that belongs to them is found fly tipped by an unlicensed waste carrier. The Green Clearance Company are licenced with the Environment Agency and are members of AFTA (Anti Fly Tipping Association) and abide by the members charter.

Customer Reviews. Check out customer satisfaction by looking at their reviews online, a good place to start is Google where you can see business reviews left by members of the public. Take a look at our Google reviews here, visit our Testimonials page, or our Cornish Traders page. Much of our business comes from word of mouth, where satisfied customers have recommended us to family and friends. We also regularly work with Cornish Estate Agents and Solicitors that recommend us to their clients requiring deceased estate clearances in Cornwall.

Environmental Credentials. Ask about their environmental ethos and if they take steps to reduce landfill. In this fast moving world, it’s more important than ever that everyone plays their part in looking after the planet. We take our commitment to being green and eco friendly seriously, so seriously we even put ‘green clearance’ in our name. Our strapline is ‘Resell, Reuse and Recycle’ and we work hard to recycle items and help our local community in Cornwall. We reduce waste by donating furniture and homeware to local charities such as Hidden Help, who collect furniture and redistribute it to those in need. Recycling anything that can be recycled is our next big target. This also includes stripping down any sofas and mattresses that cannot be reused, where metal, wood and fabric can go back into the system and reappear as something usable!

House clearance in Cornwall - stripping down a sofa for recycling
Stripping down an unusable sofa from a clearance
Recycling the fabric, foam, metal and wood

Decide what to keep – practical and sentimental

We are regularly contacted to quote for house clearances before customers have made decisions on what to keep. To provide an accurate quote, we recommend deciding on what furniture and homeware you would like to keep before we see the space and give you a quote. Ideally all of these items will be separated into another room or removed from the premises before the clearance starts – we are very careful not to take anything you have decided to keep, but to minimise that it’s always best to keep them as separate as possible. If you are clearing a loved ones property, making these decisions can be very emotional and it may take you longer than you expect, especially if family members are involved in helping or need to collect items.

If you’re finding it hard to decide whether to keep something or not, keep hold of it’s small enough for you to take home. Take some time to think it through and make a decision when you’re ready. You won’t be able to get it back if it’s already gone!

Decide what you can get rid of yourself

This is a completely optional part of any clearance. Some customers like to do a lot of clearing themselves, and others either don’t have the time or simply want to avoid the stress! We can clear everything from a property during a clearance, from kitchen cupboard contents to dismantling outdoor sheds. However there are some easy things that you may choose to do! These few things can help you, your local community and the environment.

  • Take in-date tinned foods and dry food goods to your local food bank
  • Donate clothing to your local charity shop or shelter
  • Put cardboard, paper, newspapers, plastic and glass jars out for the recycling

Get a quote

You’ve chosen the Clearance contactors that you think will do a good job, now it’s time to contact them for a quote. Some contractors will take some details from you and give you a call back, others will ask for photographs. Others will make an appointment to come and visit you. Get a couple of quotes before you make a decision – ask any questions now. Some companies sell anything they can and take everything else to the dump. We don’t do that. The Green Clearance Company resell, recycle and reuse – if there is something of value that we are able to resell, we will let you know if we want to buy it from you or offset it against the cost of the clearance. Recycling and rehoming furniture and homeware is at the heart of our business.

Don’t leave it too late to book your clearance

Good clearance companies get booked up quickly. We have many enquiries for clearances within the same week and unfortunately these are almost impossible due to our busy diary and customers booking in advance. If you know the dates you need, tell us now! If you’re moving house, you may already know your exchange date or the date your tenancy ends and pencilling this date in with a contractor will give you peace of mind. We ask to be kept updated if there is a change in dates so we can ensure you get the clearance date you need.

How do I contact you to arrange my house clearance?

Contact us on 01209 861444 to discuss your house clearance in Cornwall. You can email photos or your estate agent property sale link to and we will get back to your as soon as possible.

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