Ethical House Clearances in Cornwall

The Green Clearance Company are clearance specialists providing Ethical House Clearances in Cornwall. We pride ourselves on being experienced and equipped to tackle a variety of clearances. Our services vary from property clearances, garden clearances, loft clearances, deceased estate clearances, garage clearance, cluttered house clearances, including hoarders homes who need a helping hand.

The most frequently asked question upon providing a free quote is….
‘What will happen to the contents from my house clearance?’
Recycling Furniture in Cornwall

For us, we do whatever we can to avoid sending an item to landfill. ‘Resell, Reuse, Recycle’ is our mantra, and our conscientious, experienced employees work hard to follow this. To reduce carbon footprint and be as environmentally responsible as possible, we aim to resell or reuse wherever possible. When we provide our free quote, if we are able to resell something of value, we take this into consideration when compiling your quote. Local charities in Cornwall receive regular donations from us, everything from furniture and homeware to clothes and shoes. We are happy to be able to support the local community and those who use the service provided by the charity donated to.

We also aim high with recycling wherever possible. If an item doesn’t meet the standards to donate it to charity, we do what we can to recycle it. Most items made from cardboard, metal, plastic, glass etc can be recycled. This also includes some items of furniture, eg. we strip sofas and mattress down and recycle the components (metal springs, wooden frame, fabric covers). This is a time consuming process but an important one for the environment.

Being considerate and honest with our customers is very important to us. We regularly find items of value, which sometimes includes money hidden in unusual places or items that are of sentimental value such as photos or letters in drawers. We were happy to return a bracelet of sentimental value to a lady who had misplaced it several years before, a gift from her late husband – as you can imagine, she was thrilled to see it again. We return anything like this to you. We also advise to let us know if you want us to keep an eye out for a particular item whilst we are carrying out your clearance, and to ensure you have looked through anything yourself.

Of course there are certain items and circumstances where landfill is unfortunately the only option. Moving items to landfill is something we take very seriously and only when we have exhausted the other options available to us. Disposing of Property Clearance Contents Ethically is very important to us. Give us a call on 01209 861444 or 07590 626419 to book your free quote.

The Green Clearance Company provide many clearance services in Cornwall:

Penhalvean Pottery, Penhalvean, Redruth, Cornwall, TR16 6TQ
01209 861444 or 07590 626419

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