Imagine the situation. You’re looking for a house clearance company to remove some household items for you. You’ve joined a local group on Facebook, and posted the following…

‘Hey, I have lots of old furniture, household items, a washing machine and a mattress that needs disposing of – can anyone help?’.

Some people recommend local companies they have used, or the clearance company they own, others post that they can carry out the job for a price that is next to nothing, and can do it straight away. It sounds good. It’s tempting. But the consequences of using someone like this can be serious.

There are a couple of possible outcomes when using someone like this. They may ask you to transfer some money direct to them to secure the clearance or rubbish removal. No reputable company will ask you for money in advance. They may take payment and fail to turn up for your clearance. They may carry out the clearance for an extremely low price, cash in hand – your waste may end up being fly tipped. If this happens, unfortunately you are responsible for the illegal waste disposal. You can be prosecuted and fined up to £5000. Suddenly the cheap house clearance has lost it’s appeal. Not to mention the damage to the environment and local wildlife.

We’ve compiled a few tips to help you feel confident in choosing a reliable, professional house clearance service in Cornwall.

  • Do they have a website? We know that anyone can create a website quickly these days. But does it contain the registered address and telephone numbers? Do they clearly link to any other online presence such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? Can you see their licence number?
  • Do they have clear testimonials? Reviews and testimonials can be a useful way of judging if you feel comfortable with using the company.
  • Are they insured? Check that the company you are using is fully insured. Accidents can happen, even with reputable, professional house clearance services.
  • Are they Environment Agency Licenced? Waste carriers should have a licence number that shows they are registered and dispose of waste responsibly. This is a waste carriers licence.
  • Will they provide you with a quote? Professional house clearance companies will offer to provide you with a quote, to ensure both parties are happy prior to starting work.
  • Do they provide invoices? A professional clearance company will be able to give you a invoice with a summary of the work carried out, the price, with clear company details.

Finally, in addition to our list above, one of the best things you can do, is call the company and have a chat to see if you feel comfortable with the service offered.

The Green Clearance Company are a well established, professional and reliable house clearance company in Cornwall. We work hard to provide a clear, simple clearance service in the local area. We recycle, reuse and rehome wherever possible, and work to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. For a free, no obligation quote, contact us on 01209 861444.